How To Find The Ideal Client For Your Business.

We’ve all been there before – feeling bogged down with selling to the wrong customers. You try to accommodate them, but nothing you do seems to work well. You waste energy and money on producing irrelevant content in the wrong places that don’t align with your audience. 

We have been through this issue many times but with our new created client avatar. This has helped us find clients that are not only the right fit for our service but we now know exactly where and how to market our service to them.

Here is what you need to know about your ideal client and where to target them: To identify your ideal client, think of that one customer you have right now that if you had more, your business would be where you want it to be.


They should be:

Fastest to sell to
Easiest to support
Stays/pays the longest
Fit for the care or service your provide

If you need help finding your ideal target audience then CONTACT US today and will give you access to this cheat sheet so you can know exactly where and how to market your business to the RIGHT people.


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