At Yellow Hills ™ We donate a percentage of every dollar collected for our services back to helping poverty-stricken families and youth affected by natural disasters.

Our Story

Yellow Hills was founded in 2023 by Noah Amparano, a visual learner and creative designer. Growing up in a family of notable entrepreneurs, Noah was deeply influenced by their experiences and stories from the Great Depression. Through family conversations, he learned the importance of family and the extraordinary efforts his relatives made to provide for their loved ones. This inspired him to create an avenue for other business owners, leveraging technology and advertising to help them succeed in today’s digital landscape. Noah understands the immense effort required to be an entrepreneur or a startup owner in today’s world, and he believes this dedication should be supported and acknowledged.

Noah explains, “I created Yellow Hills to offer a different perspective. In an era where it’s often cutthroat and competitive, I aimed to bring a greater sense of empathy, transparency, and a more effective way to find solutions that are both valuable and quality-driven.”

For the past seven years, Noah has provided free services, consulting, and thought leadership to new and established business owners in industries such as Healthcare, Coaching, and Mental Health. Noah Amparano has a unique vision and approach, combining his creative insights with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by entrepreneurs today.

Yellow Hills has become the solution for those seeking guidance in digital advertising and business, offering a simplified approach to understanding businesses’ current positions and identifying their unique needs to achieve their goals.


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