3 ways to Automate your Mental health clinic or organization

Here are 3 ways to unlocking the power of automation:


#1 Follow up immediately.


Do any of these sound familiar?


  • Leads and client inquiries are slipping through the cracks


  • Your team has to choose between getting to everyone vs. responding to the special cases that take more time


  • You’re missing out on sales opportunities because there’s not enough time to follow up properly. With automation from Yellow Hills you can respond immediately every time — without having to think about it. 


Instead of having “contact us” requests go to an email address for your team, add a “contact us” form to your website that, when filled out, automatically kicks off an email sequence, enters the new lead into your CRM, and puts them in your sales pipeline.


For example, when a lead completes the “contact us” form, the automation software sends an email reply right away, like the one below. The response is a prewritten template, but it can sound like you just fired it off, and can even include instructions for what to do next.

See how you can get people to book calls before you even get back to them? Pretty great, right?

#2  Post-Fulfillment Follow-Up 


Ask your happy clients to refer you, without the awkwardness of asking. 


Once, You’ve successfully completed your coaching program with a client — celebrate! But there are still a few more automations you need to run.


After all, you’ve made all this effort to get someone as a lead, nurture them through your sales process, bring them on as a client, and then knock their socks off with your amazing service.


Now it’s time to build upon that goodwill to generate constructive feedback, reviews, referrals, repeat sales, and recurring subscriptions. Because the best source of new customers is current customers.


Ask for feedback and reviews — Positive or negative, the results from a satisfaction survey can give you the information you need to improve your business. 


  • The customer isn’t happy? Find out what went wrong or what you could have done differently. 
  • The customer loved your product or service? To replicate your success, find out why the product resonated with them.


Using automation, email a survey link to customers who recently made a purchase. The survey can be as simple as one question and three multiple-choice answers:


How satisfied were you with your recent purchase? Satisfied — Neutral — Not satisfied


Automate your follow-up accordingly. Set up the software so:


  • A negative response triggers a task to contact the customer via phone or email. Reaching out quickly can prevent further damage, especially if your team is able to address the customer’s concern.


  • A positive response triggers an automated email to thank them and ask if they’d be willing to give you a testimonial or online review. 


It’s that simple – And, if you want to guarantee a positive review. You can also use automation to encourage the client to take action by offering a small gift or coupon as a token of your appreciation.


#3 Sales Funnel Automation – Putting it Together

Grow your revenue and make a bigger impact on people’s health and wellness by unlocking the power of automation in your business. Want to learn more? Schedule FREE CALL and will show you how (https://yellowhillsadvertising.com/schedule-consultation/ )


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